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Pine Chip 2016: Won 89 times. Earnings 8331708 SEK at swedish racetracks.
Ken Warkentin 2016: Won 108 times. Earnings 12485505 SEK at swedish racetracks.
Quite Easy 2016: Won 93 times. Earnings 14592353 SEK at swedish racetracks.
Raja Mirchi 2016: Won 120 times. Earnings 11058376 SEK at swedish racetracks.

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Canwin B.F. (3) win ST Unghästserie in the debut of the year!

Papiljotte (3) win in ST Unghästserie in debut!

Let it Happen took his 8:th win!

Swarovski Broline (3) from the lead in second start!

In Toto Sund wins Kjell P Dahlströms Memory in debut of the year!

Neutron Broline wins with new trainer!

Call Me Keeper a winner again at Vincennes!

Happy New Year from Broline!

Meryy Christmas from Broline!

Tudor Kronos (4) took 6:th in a row!

Nosoupforyou wins Diamantstoet (Diamondfilly) race!

Nadal Broline win Silverdivision final!

Palermo Broline (4) win class II-race!

Ferrari River (3) win in ST Unghästserie!

Beverly Boulevard wins filly race in V75!

Only Eyes Broline wins with amazing finish!

Razor Kronos wins in Bronzedivision!

Tudor Kronos (4) took 5:th in a row and with new swedish record!

Pioneer Face (4) win filly race in V75!

Rajesh Face (3) timed in new world record!

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