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Pine Chip 2016: Won 89 times. Earnings 8331708 SEK at swedish racetracks.
Ken Warkentin 2016: Won 108 times. Earnings 12485505 SEK at swedish racetracks.
Quite Easy 2016: Won 93 times. Earnings 14592353 SEK at swedish racetracks.
Raja Mirchi 2016: Won 120 times. Earnings 11058376 SEK at swedish racetracks.

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Papiljotte (4) win Diamantstoet in debut of the year!

Canwin B.F. (3) win ST Unghästserie in the debut of the year!

Papiljotte (3) win in ST Unghästserie in debut!

Let it Happen took his 8:th win!

Swarovski Broline (3) from the lead in second start!

In Toto Sund wins Kjell P Dahlströms Memory in debut of the year!

Neutron Broline wins with new trainer!

Call Me Keeper a winner again at Vincennes!

Happy New Year from Broline!

Meryy Christmas from Broline!

Tudor Kronos (4) took 6:th in a row!

Nosoupforyou wins Diamantstoet (Diamondfilly) race!

Nadal Broline win Silverdivision final!

Palermo Broline (4) win class II-race!

Ferrari River (3) win in ST Unghästserie!

Beverly Boulevard wins filly race in V75!

Only Eyes Broline wins with amazing finish!

Razor Kronos wins in Bronzedivision!

Tudor Kronos (4) took 5:th in a row and with new swedish record!

Pioneer Face (4) win filly race in V75!

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